Royalty & Coronation

The 78th Annual Floresville Peanut Festival held the Coronation of Queen Tunaep LXXVII on Thursday, October 6th, 2022 at the Wiley Seale Auditorium.

Thursday, October 6 th , 2022
7:00 P.M.
Wiley Seale Auditorium


The Floresville Peanut Festival Association is proud to introduce The 2022 78th Court of Exotic Destinations.

Queen-Elect: Tevah Pfeil
King-Elect: Weldon Azevedo

1st Runner Up Princess-Elect: Carolena Estrada
Prince-Elect: Miguel Borrego
Princess-Elect: Arianna Guzman
Prince-Elect: Jace Williams
Princess-Elect: Elliana Hinojosa
Prince-Elect: John Pullin
Princess-Elect: Kaydence Orth
Prince-Elect: Bradley Meuth

Children’s Court:
Acolyte: Zayne Rabago (Not Pictured)
Page: Bensley Campos
Page: Kamryn Flieller
Scepter Bearer: Federico Diego Silva IV
Crown Bearer: Madison Pena
Train Bearer: Rylee Baring
Train Bearer: Kaylen Mutz

Also pictured President Carolyn Palacios

image of full court




Queen: Abby Saenz
King: Jacob Trevino

1st Runner Up Princess: Skylar Yow
Prince: Brandon Cardenas
Princess: Makayla Gonzales
Prince: Darryn Castillo
Princess: Sage Herrera
Prince: Josiah Farias

image of full court

Children’s Court:
Acolyte: Otillia Silva
Page: Addison Cantu
Page: Riley Smith
Scepter Bearer: Hatti Matthews
Crown Bearer: Jagger Talley
Train Bearer: Isabella Moore
Train Bearer: Alyvia Gonzales

Also pictured President Rhea Nell Rogers.


Queen:  Mary Pierce
King:  Ty Hartmann

1st Runner Up Princess:  Alexa Cantu
Princet:  Michael Haag
Princess:  Danielle Hawn
Prince:  Charles Stapleton
Princess:  Capri Montgomery
Prince:  Lance Latka
Princess:  Khloe Rodriguez
Prince:  Martin Escobar

Children's Court:

Acolyte:  Timothy Trevino
Page:  Juliette Herrera
Page:  Ezra Flores
Scepter Bearer:  Braelynn Brooks
Crown Bearer:  Joseph Woelfler
Train Bearer: Saedi Matthews
Train Bearer:  Trace Tackitt


Queen - Trinity Carvajal
First Runner Up, Princess  - Jordyn Nicole Treviño
Princess - Ashton Nicole Carrasco
Princess - Dominica Anne Peri
Princess - Madeline Elise Street

King - Roman Andrew Hernandez
Prince- Jonathon Alan Trevino
Prince - Mason Cole Kotzur
Prince - Robert Colton Martinez
Prince - Tomas Roberto Luna

Children's Court:
Acolyte - Easton Ryan Guerrero
Page - Jayden Yzaguirre Arocha
Page - Riley Isiah Silva
Scepter Bearer - Camree Lia Rodriguez
Crown Bearer- Peyton Joe Griego
Train Bearer - Hayverlee Dawn Anderson
Train Bearer - Leyna Koryn Campos

2018 -74th Court of European Elegance:

Queen Elect - Madelynn Castro
First Runner Up - Emma Louise May
Princess-Elect - Elizabeth Coldewey
Princess-Elect - Deidra Garcia
Princess-Elect - Amylia Ryan

King-Elect - Josiah Guadalupe Cantu Hernandez

Prince-Elect - Patrick Reid Silva
Prince-Elect - Cameron Callaway Herndon
Prince-Elect - Tyler Brannan
Prince-Elect - David Anthony Finegan

Children's Court:

Acolyte - Jaice Rene Martinez

Crown Bearer - Federico Aaron Flores

Page - Molly Maxine Bingham

Page - Olivia Marie Martinez

Train Bearer - Avery Danielle Ascencio

Train Bearer - Emma Rose Ximenez

Scepter Bearer - Cara Marie Kincaid

2017 - 73rd Court of Fluttering Enchantment:

Queen – Caroline Rose Burkett
First Runner Up-Princess- Payton Rebecca Meuth
Princess  – Sarah Rosalee Bruett
Princess  – Mary Elizabeth Lewis
Princess  - Macy Lee Strozier

Children's Court Elect
Acolyte – Sabree Marie Woelfler
Page – Brinley Grace Baggs
Page – Layton Trevor Latka
Scepter Bearer – Brooklen Avery Pelech
Crown Bearer –Richard Carver Hill
Train Bearer – Catheryn Lynn Flores
Train Bearer – Lilly Mae Smith

King Elect – Felipe Carlos “Tres” Hinojosa
Prince Elect – Tyler Brayden Barry
Prince Elect – Zachary Ian Villanueva
Prince Elect – Brent Allen Moy
Prince Elect – Noah Marion Chesser
President Carmen Leal


Queen - Alexandria Rene Palacios
First Runner Up - Princess - Mikaela Elyse Talley
Princess - Micah Elizabeth Brannan
Princess - Sarah Kathryn Coldewey
Princess - Daisy Bonita Perez

King - Christopher James Marrero
Prince - Luke James Pierce
Prince - Jared Joseph Labus
Prince - Cole Bob Gulick
Prince - Daniel Sendejo III

Children's Court
Acolyte - Addisen Lee Yow
Page - Leah Rhea Soriano

Page - Danica Brooke Bravo

Scepter Bearer - Gigi Soleil Hill

Crown Bearer - Nicolas Abel Moore

Train Bearer - Mia Marie Servantes

Train Bearer - Evan Michael Ximenez

President Leann Drozd

2015 -71st Court of Christmas Magic

Queen - Tunaep LXXI - Shae Lynn Shodrock
First Runner-Up - Princess - Mia Madeleine Montgomery
Princess - Shelbi Lynn Bays
Princess - Courtenay Haag
Princess - Courtney Leath

King - Brock Michael Dugi
Prince - Dalton Michael Schroller
Prince - Dennis Wayne Siegel
Prince - Matthew Ray Trevino
Prince - Gabriel Rene Meza

Children's Court
Acolyte - Luke Jayden Bodiford
Page - Kaydence Nichole Orth
Page - Maryn Tackitt
Scepter Bearer - Jaxson Henry Matthews
Crown Bearer - Brody Turner
Train Bearer - Camber Pipes
Train Bearer - Haylee Fletcher

2014 -70th Court of Natures Nautical Wonders

Queen Tunaep LXX - Francesca Dominique Carvajal
First Runner-Up - Princess - Payton Anne Strozier
Princess -Jessica Erin Cranston
Princess -Marina Julia Hernandez
Princess -Serena Marie Servantes

King - Luke Daniel Rocha
Prince - Leo May, III
Prince - Christopher Louis Albert
Prince - Sean William Moy
Prince - Scott Edward Gonzales

Children's Court
Acolyte - Trent John Tackitt
Page - Dezarae Renae Cordova
Page - Devin James Guzman
Scepter Bearer - Chloe Renee Ascencio
Crown Bearer - Claire Emily Pullin
Train Bearer - Aundrea Mae Chavez
Train Bearer - Kapree MaKenzie Polasek

2013 -69th Court

Queen Corinne Morkovsky
First Runner-Up - Princess - Alyssa Farias
Princess - Kaitlin Labus
Princess - Shelby Madden
Princess - Kaitlyn Reile

King - Mason Ray
Prince - Joey Garza
Prince - Derek Moczygemba
Prince - Paul Jason Quinters
Prince - Reagan Middleton

Children's Court
Acolyte - Landyn Latka
Page - Carolina Guzman
Page - Grant Hartmann
Crown Bearer - Lane Bodiford
Scepter Bearer - Erik Bruett
Train Bearer - Kambri Angle
Train Bearer - Carley Leal

2012 -68th Court

Queen Caitlyn May
First Runner-Up - Princess - Katie Smith
Princess - Katherine Burkett
Princess - Mikayla Coldewey
Princess - Ryann Palacios

King - Blake Popham
Prince - Colby Shodrock
Prince - Barrett Smith
Prince - John Handowski
Prince - Albert Saenz

Children's Court
Acolyte - Jacob Trevino
Page - Bobbi Ann Cox
Page - Emelie Baumann
Scepter Bearer - Karina Lyssy
Crown Bearer - Eleysa Servnates
Train Bearer - Ellie Hinojosa
Train Bearer - Maddux Cantu

2011 -67th Court

Queen Alexa Carvajal
First Runner-Up - Princess - Hannah Sawers
Princess - Georgia Dunn
Princess - Kailey Shoemaker
Princess - Ashlyn Talley

King - Garrett Pollock
Prince - Luke Laskowski
Prince - Darren Servantez
Prince - Zeke Wiatrek
Prince - Brandon Cisneros

Children's Court
Acolyte - Hailey Nichols
Page - Erika Lyssy
Page - Lance Latka
Scepter Bearer - Abby Saenz
Crown Bearer - Bradley Meuth
Train Bearer - Kahlen Castro
Train Bearer - Kendall Castro

2010 -66th Court

Queen Kalyn Sisti
First Runner-Up - Princess - Katherine Llewellyn
Princess - Samantha Aranada
Princess - Thalia Hernandez
Princess - Kassandra Trinidad

King - Barrett Raabe
Prince - Jacob Ortega
Prince - Matthew Hosek
Prince - George You
Prince - Victor Arocha

Children's Court
Acolyte - Cal Vinson
Page - Sarah Bruett
Page - Patrick Silva
Scepter Bearer - Sadie Desselle
Crown Bearer - Landry Nieto
Train Bearer - Hannah Taylor
Train Bearer - Capri Montgomery

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The 78th Annual Floresville Peanut Festival Association Presents
Coronation of Queen Tunaep LXXVII
Thursday, October 6th, 2022
7:00 P.M.
Wiley Seale Auditorium

Tickets will be available for sale on September 25, 2022 at Sisters Boutique

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