The Floresville Peanut Festival Association would like to extend their appreciation and sincere thanks to the following: 

Georgia Marie Dunn Couhig - for her beautiful and creative designs and assistance in the construction of the royal robes for the Royal and Children's Courts.

To the many sponsors of the Floresville Peanut Festival. 

Wilson County News

City of Floresville

Floresville ISD for the use of the auditorium and other facilities. 

Floresville Jr. R.O.T.C. Sabertooth Tiger for their dignified presence and participation as the Royal Guard during the Coronation on Thursday. 

All of the talented seamstresses and family members for their time and hard work stitching and beading, and dedication towards the creation of the royal robes. 

The Executive Board and Peanut Festival Association Directors for carrying on the tradition of celebrating the peanut harvesting season and keeping the memory of so many peanut farmers alive. Also for working together for the greater good. 

The Floresville Musical Club for hosting the Royal Household rehearsal dinner

Sister's Boutique and Gifts for their continuous generous donations of the Royal and Children's Court's publicity tiaras. 

The Flower Basket for their kind donation of the Queen and Princesses' peanut publicity corsages. 

Sister's Boutique and Gifts  for selling the coronation tickets. 

ALL parents of the Royal and Children's Courts for their hardwork and participation in this prestigious event. 

Hoelscher's, First National Bank, Farmers Ins, Curves, City Cleaners, Wilson County News, Law Offices of Lou Rosenberg & JC Turner Building for the use of their windows and businesses to display the beautiful Royal Wardrobes.

City of Floresville Mayor, City Manager, 4A Board, and City Council for their continuous support of the Festival. 

Wilson County Commissioner's Court for their continued support and usage of the Courthouse Square and Courthouse parking lot for the carnival. 

EDJE for the development of the website.  

Window Displays were:

South Trust Bank
Farmers Ins
Floresville City Hall
Wilson County News
Floresville Flower Basket
Heart Like Mine

City Cleaners
Premier Sponsor

Platinum Sponsor
GOLD Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor